A cheaper condo

When I took my family on a ten-day tropical vacation during the month of January, we wanted to be in close proximity to the beach.  Unfortunately, accommodations that are only a few short steps from ocean are extremely expensive. I couldn’t afford a luxury resort with all of the amenities.  After a whole bunch of research, I found a condo in a great location that was within my price range. Since we planned to spend the majority of our time on the beach, I wasn’t concerned with luxury sleeping arrangements.  The condo was a very tight fit for a family of five. With the couch pulled out into a bed, we did not have sufficient room to open all of our suitcases at the same time. The coffee pot and oven didn’t work, and the refrigerator wasn’t very cold.  There was a very limited supply of hot water, and the pipes made loud rattling sounds all night long. We were just happy that the air conditioner worked and kept the tiny condo nice and cool. The air conditioner was definitely old and outdated, but still put out a tremendous amount of cool air.  It provided only two options, either on or off, and we did not have the ability to regulate the temperature. The air conditioner was permanently installed into an exterior wall, and set close to the floor. Because of this, the temperature near the floor was far colder than near the ceiling. Our feet were always super cold, while our heads felt much warmer.  Despite the lack of luxury in our condo, my family had a great trip.

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