Waiting a week for the installation

For my whole life, I’ve suffered from allergy irritations. Unfortunately, my allergies have grown worse with age. My system is weaker and reacts more violently with each season. I am not just bothered by pollen; dust, dander, personal hygiene products, and pesticides are equally debilitating. If it floats in the air, I am affected. I’ve tried various medications as well as natural remedies each with limited success. The most beneficial remedy is to control indoor air quality. First, I keep the windows of the house closed all year round to prevent an influx of outdoor contaminants. I actively filter the air via a relatively modern forced air HVAC system. I contract the best certified HVAC corporation to thoroughly decontaminate the heating and cooling unit twice a year. The technician makes sure there is no build up of debris, such as mold and dust, which could then be spread throughout the house and aggravate my allergies. I frequently replace the air filters, and I’ve also invested into an air purification system. The air cleaner was incorporated into the existing air handler and treats the air before it gets into the home. It cleans the indoor air several times per minute, trapping and killing bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and allergens. The air purifier cleanses the entire home without making a sound. Yearly upkeep is all that is required. Improving indoor air quality has made an immense difference in my health and ability to sleep. I am more productive after a good night’s sleep. My is cleaner and the HVAC system requires less repair.

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