What a sweet deal!

I can keep a budget with the best of them. That is the one thing that my parents taught myself and others about inside and out before sending myself and others off to university. I believe all about utilities and how to use them through the weather appropriate times of the year. I have been taught to wash out my own air filters and watch my air vents, as well I could strip my ductwork if I certainly needed to in a pinch. But, the one thing they didn’t prepare myself and others for was having to deal with deranged and senseless roommates. I have many roommates who must have been raised in privilege, for their drastic lack of understanding when it comes to utilities and usage is off the charts. The two of us have a basic Heating and Air Conditioning device for the whole lake house and both of us don’t live in a relatively tepid or cold climate. So, there is no need to have the a/c turned on at all hours of the morning, nor does one need to be blasting the furnace through the night. The two of us have had one lake house meeting after another, but there is just no understanding proper courtesy. I, finally, took matters into my own hands and called the local Heating and Air Conditioning professional to come out to the lake house and install a Smart App onto the thermostat! Once he did this, I then installed the same app onto my cell phone, then now I was able to monitor the a/c and the heating usage at any hour of the morning, while being informed when usage was over budget. No one was the wiser for myself and others enjoying our utilities and now I was more at peace with the entire situation.