I don’t want intruders

My girlfriend Lauren and I decided to buy a fixer upper home. The idea was the two of us would fix it up, live in it for a few months, then sell it. I think I have overestimated Lauren’s work ethic and handyness. She went strong for about a month, now Lauren wants to give up on the house. I think it was the ductwork that did her in. The house had this old central HVAC system that was hooked to ductwork. The home heating and air conditioning did not even work. So I ripped out the HVAC equipment and the two of us took care of the ductwork. Ductwork removal is not easy in the slightest. Ductwork is eight inch metal piping. It is heavy, big and hard to get out of the house. Lauren and I first had to knock down all of the walls and ceiling. Dust went everywhere and ruined our clothes. Then we had to carefully rip out all of the air ducts. The two of them had to slowly carry them out of the house, take the to the dump and do it again. It took us over a week to remove all of the air ducts successfully. I completely ripped apart my fingers, dust got into my ears and the house was a wreck. After doing the ductwork removal, the two of us then had to scrub the house top to bottom. It was tiring, but I am ready for the next thing. Lauren is terrified the next project will be as horrible as the ductwork one.

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