I need this power turned on now!

I went on getaway recently, to a country so bizarre from the United States… Everything was bizarre on that trip, however the outlets were wrong, the cars drove on the opposite side of the road, and there was no air conditioning, but i suppose I take air conditioner for granted. There was no cooling at all in the entire country. In fairness to the country, their high temperature never gets above 60 degrees, don’t these people like the sound and odor of AC? What about ladies going through menopause? What about people who just naturally run hotter? There was not any air conditioning in the entire country, only heating. Every hotel room was quite an experience. The room was laid out way different. The sheets on the bed where little duvet covers instead. The furnace was set up unusual too. It always took me around 20 minutes to locate the control unit. Then I would figure out how to run the heater. I could turn it off or on, but, air conditioner was not an option for me. I can say, after this trip, I absolutely like my beach new home cooling system. The hotel room’s absolutely cranked their furnaces. I got where I would instantaneously turn off the heater, open and window and wish for AC. Even the rental car I drove did not have an option for heating. I suppose the whole country has something absolutely against air conditioning. It just blows my mind to guess that the locals there have absolutely never experienced AC in their entire life! How can they stand not knowing?

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