I guess we have some explaining to do

Every so often I find it helpful to check in with myself plus consider where I was at this point “X” number of years ago! It keeps my brain now working respectfully, melding the new challenges that I’m facing with the past obstacles that I have overcome. In general, when I examine my past I guess a lot better about my new standing. In retrospect, my position in life is insanely superior when I look at everything I have going for myself and others now, compared to even a few years ago, but for instance, I was totally alone back then. I had a few friends, but no one to call my own, and secondly, I used to live in cheap apartments, while these nights I get to live in an actual lake house with some privacy, land, plus our own Heating & A/C. Sometimes I just guess about the little things, savor the year that my home furnace stopped now working, plus guess blessed. I remember the nights that I lived in a temperature with brutally cold plus long winters, plus relied unquestionably on my central heating method to stay alive for half of the year. I recall the day that it was less than 0 degrees outside, plus I woke up to find that my home was about 20. I remember calling the proprietor over plus over again, plus being shushed about my heating problem while simultaneously assured that an Heating & A/C worker was already called out. I remember kneeling in my cold cold apartment, literally crying plus begging the proprietor to push the Heating & A/C request to the top of the list. I recall sleeping next to a area furnace for warmth plus barely making it to task the next day, then yes, when I guess back, especially my new Heating & A/C situation is a lot better than it used to be.

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