Ceiling fans

I hate ceiling fans with a passion. I don’t understand why anyone would choose to get a ceiling fan when they could just get an air conditioner. The fan is not as powerful as AC and is horrible. First, the ceiling fan is the ugliest light fixture in the house. There are ductless mini split air conditioners that actually look quite modern. You can match the style right to your decor. Second, a ceiling fan catches dust more than anything else in the world. Just about every week the dust on the fan blades are excessive. If you are not on it with cleaning, the dust then pollutes your air quality. A cooling system does get dirty, but you can take some preventative measures. There is an air filter in the cooling system to stop dust from going in it. The air conditioning filter protects the AC and your indoor air quality this way. Still not satisfied? You also can get UV lights installed in the AC system or an air purifier system to clean the indoor air conditions. No worries about dirty AC or air quality this way. Last, ceiling fans make tons of noise if they are not in perfect condition. They rattle, moan and churn away when you use them. A central air conditioner or even ductless AC option is basically silent. You might get a soft hum if it is very noisy. Who can’t deal with that though? A ceiling fan rattles like it is trying to catapult itself off the ceiling and decapitate your head.

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