What a great time we had

I never understood why my mom never let me play outside during the summer. I didn’t understand why she would never let me spend the night at anyone else’s house without having a good talk with their parents about the temperatures in their house. I learned why she was always so conscious of the heat when I was a rebellious teen. I decided I was not going to stay in the perfectly air conditioned house while my friends went to the lake. Instead, I decided I would sneak out and go to the lake too. Within an hour, my friends had to call an ambulance. I went into complete distress because I was overheated and panicked. When my mom got to the ER, she asked why wasn’t I in a place with central air conditioning. After the doctors explained that a quality central air conditioning system is vital to my health, I didn’t rebel anymore. When I bought my first house, the first upgrade I made was to the HVAC system. I didn’t want to risk being in a house that had a terrible air conditioning unit. Memories of my hyperventilating and heat stress kept me very decisive with my HVAC technician. I decided on a ductless HVAC system. Those systems are very energy efficient and I can cool down the room that I will be spending the most time in more than I did the rest of my new home. I was really impressed with the efficiency of the system. When I called my mom and told her about my new air conditioning system, she approved. She said she didn’t have to worry about me in the summers now and questionable air conditioning. I will be able to control the heating and cooling in my house very easily now.

AC unit