I loved the options

I love my pets but finding the best temperature in my house has been a struggle. It seems like my cats being a little cooler than my dogs. I try to find a balance so everyone is comfortable but I failed. Instead of giving up, talked to a local HVAC contractor and he suggested I install a ductless heating system. After answering a few questions about my current forced air system and furnace, he was firm in his suggestion. After hanging up from him, I did a little research on my own. I didn’t realize just how much I would like what I found. I found that a ductless HVAC system would allow me to cool individual rooms in my house. I wouldn’t be using any of the existing ductwork in my house because it would all be controlled by units attached to the walls of those rooms. I also didn’t realize I would have multiple house units attached to one outside unit. It seemed like a really efficient setup so I called the HVAC technician back to schedule an appointment. When he arrived to install the new HVAC system, I watched every move, wondering if I’d made a mistake. The HVAC contractor must have sensed how nervous I was because he took the time to give me pointers on how to operate the system and what to expect. He also told me that my new HVAC system would lower my utility bills in every season. As I thought about it, I realized he was right. I would be able to heat and cool only the rooms we occupied and not risk burning out my central air unit or furnace throughout the year. After a few months of having my new ductless HVAC system installed, I found pet temperature balance.

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