There’s no need to complain

My husband and I used to go to the beach when our children were much younger.  We loved to sit by the campfire at night and listen to the hushed sounds of the ocean as it came up over the rocks.  He would often take off and do some fishing while the kids and I slept. I would find him in his lounging chair, when the sun was coming up, getting ready to sleep in the heat of the day.  I often thought how nice it would be to be able to pull the hat down over my eyes for shade and stay out of the sun. My kids loved playing in the sand and I couldn’t let them alone. Now, my children are grown with homes of their own.  They are making memories with their own children. I sit back now and think of how much I loved going to the beach with them, but I hated the heat and the sand fleas. I get my husband to take me to the beach, but we sit in an air conditioned room, high above the beach and watch everyone play.  He still likes to go out at night and do some fishing. We go to a small restaurant that has become a favorite of ours and after he drops me off at the room, he goes out and does some fishing. I relax in the air conditioning while he relaxes in the ocean breeze. I finally have my wish to be at the beach, the air conditioning keeping me cool while I wait for my husband to return, and just relaxing.  Who would have thought a weekend at the beach could be so cool?

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