A warmer setting

My brother has a very good friend that lives on the West Coast. He’s independently wealthy so he actually flies my brother out each year to stay at his massive condo. I always hear about their incredible and luxurious  systems in place. I’m hoping one day my brother talked him into flying me out to visit their place as well. He comes back with these interesting stories of their exotic technologies that they’re implementing in the condo. Last time he spoke of an amazing heating and air conditioning system that I’ve never even heard of. Apparently they have something that allows the heating and air conditioning to function and operate separately and independently of each other. My brother loves his air conditioning so he likes to set his room that he stays in to an incredibly cool degree. But the host of the house prefers a warmer environment so he sets his room and the rest of the house to a warmer setting with Quality Heating.  He also can set the temperatures for the heating and air conditioning directly from his cellphone which allows him to have a cool and comfortable temperature set before they even arrived home.