Enjoying the city

I had never been in a convertible before.  Riding in a convertible with the top down as well as the air conditioning running seemed a bit ludicrous, although I was  laughing. When I felt the heat on our cheeks from the sun, Josh put up the top, although I prodiagnosed. Instead he just set the temperature control lower so that the air conditioner was blowing harder.  I enjoyed the guess of the cool air on our heated skin. When the two of us stopped, I had no plan where the two of us were. There was a large celebration tent in the backyard. He led myself and others back to the celebration tent where there were about twenty people.  He introduced myself and others to everyone. I learned that some of the people were the guys he was genuinely working with, on his air conditioning project. I met their girlfriends as well as various other people. I was talking to the 1 girl as well as I asked if the celebration was for a special occasion.  She told myself and others they were having an unveiling celebration. I started to look for Josh, as well as I found him by some machine. He started to tell myself and others about the air conditioner as well as the small changes they had made. It was then I realized the air conditioner was cooling the tent.  It was nearly silent as well as there was no electricity hooked to it. I was ecstatic to have seen his air conditioner genuinely working, although I was ready to go home. Before I had a opportunity to ask him to take myself and others home, 1 of his friends girlfriends whisked myself and others away. She told myself and others she wanted to meet this elusive person that Josh had been talking about for two days.   

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