I just don’t want to get sick

I’ve finally decided to give in and install a central cooling system into my home.  Living in the northeastern part of the country, air conditioning isn’t a necessity. While we get some extremely hot and humid weather, the summer season simply doesn’t last all that long.  Sometimes, the whole summer is chilly and wet, and I consider running the heater. I’ve resisted investing in air conditioning, because of the limited usage and the price of purchase and installation.  My family, however, has been begging for central cooling for several years. They aren’t satisfied with box fans and window air conditioners. They tell me that a central cooling system provides all sorts benefits, way beyond simple temperature control.  They’ve promised me that the house will be cleaner, healthier and more secure because of the shut and locked windows. There’ll be less dust, pollen, bugs, noise, and exhaust fumes. Plus, the air conditioner will filter the air, trapping airborne contaminants such as mold spores and bacteria.  Apparently, because of adaptable speed compressors, modern air conditioners are much better at handling excess humidity and create a more evenly distributed temperature. Even with all these promises, I’ve hesitated to spend the money on central cooling. Despite the SEER ratings of top-of-the-line air conditioners, I know my summer electric bill will go up considerably.  I have finally agreed to make the upgrade because of a deal offered by my local HVAC contractor. As a member of their maintenance club, I get a discount on the purchase price and labor for installation. Adding in a manufacturer’s rebate, the central cooling system is affordable.

central air system