I really don’t see a need to yell

When my family and I moved into this little town in another state, I wondered what we were getting into. When we pulled up to our house, I was in shock. The place was gloomy and I was a bit scared. It was a fairly large house but it seemed to be entirely old and run-down. Honestly, it seemed like the oldest household around the whole town. When we walked in, my father shouted, “Home sweet home!”. I heard Mom saying that we got a really great deal on this place, though it was a bit of a fixer-upper. Well yes, it really was a fixer-upper but a major one! It was ice-cold inside the place, just as cold as it was outside it seemed. I had my jacket on but I was still feeling rather frosty. My father said he would look for the thermostat so we could get the heating system turned up. I went exploring around the house as well to see what I could find and if I could find a room that I could call my own. My brothers and sisters went around the place as well. I came into this library with all kinds of ancient looking books. I seen there was this massive fireplace in there and a huge stack of wood next to it. I even found some matches. I decided to stack a bunch of wood in the fireplace and got a fire started. The library room was starting to warm up a good amount and I went to check out some of the books. I wasn’t sure if I could grow to like this place, but I loved to read so at least this library would be comforting to me with the glow of the fireplace.

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