My water and health needs

When my husband, Nathan, and I bought our house, we weren’t real happy about the old boiler in the basement.  Since we live in the northeastern part of the country, the heating system is a priority. We had hoped to find a house with a relatively new forced air gas furnace.  Instead, the house we liked the most was equipped with an ancient boiler. The boiler was definitely over twenty years old, and yet it ran perfectly. Nathan and I were pleasantly surprised by the many benefits of a hydronic heating system.  Rather than transport heat energy by pushing air through a duct system, the boiler uses water. Since water heats up faster and stays warmer longer than air, this type of heating system is far more energy efficient. It’s also clean, quiet, and and wonderfully reliable.  After doing a bit of research, I learned that a boiler system is also quite versatile. With a very small investment, I was able to link the boiler to our water heater. I hired a plumber who handled the connection, and now the boiler not only keeps our house nice and warm, it supplies a economical source of hot water.  We’ve probably trimmed our water heating bills by about fifteen percent. Now, I’m looking into hooking the boiler to our swimming pool. Once the boiler is done heating the house for the year, we could use it to keep the swimming pool at a comfortable temperature. There is also the possibility of installing a hot tub and even a snow melt system.  A snowmelt system would be concealed beneath our driveway and walkways. A series of pipes would carry hot water which would melt snow and ice and eliminate the need for shoveling and plowing.

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