We’re adapting to the changes

Recently, I hired this company to put a new roof on my house! The roof was fairly old plus I found that it was leaking at certain spots so it had to be done, and i looked around to find the best deal in neighborhood for a new roof. This company that gave the estimate seemed prefer they would do an alright job plus for the price, I was blissful to have them do the work… Well on 1 of the days they were laboring on breaking off the roof, evidently 1 of the workers refused to wear the safety harness plus ended up falling off the roof, however she fell plus landing straight on my air condenser unit for the A/C system. The worker was in definitely awful shape from the fall, but at least she was still alive. They had an ambulance come to take the girl to the hospital. I was terribly disappointed about my condenser unit for my a/c unit. I realized that the A/C was no longer laboring in my home plus of course it wouldn’t work, that condenser unit was easily smashed. The girl in charge assured me that they would cover the cost for the updatement of my a/c equipment. I told them they better all be wearing their safety harnesses up there because I didn’t want anymore incidences prefer that happening while they were finishing the roof. The woman assured me that everybody would toil safely plus according to protocol. The HVAC company was there to update my A/C condenser unit later on that same day, plus as promised the roofing company covered my bill, then also, the new roof looked wonderful when it was finished.