You should never stop learning

My friend asked myself and others the other day if he could get a ride with myself and others to work. The two of us both job at the same company and he said that his motor car broke down and he had it in the shop. I asked him how come he couldn’t get a rental, however he said his insurance wasn’t going to cover a rental for the issue with his car. I told him that I would supply him rides to and from work, however he wasn’t going to care about it because our undefined wasn’t finally working in our car. No matter how much I fiddled around with the temperature control, I just couldn’t manage to get it to work. When I picked him up, he tried messing around with the temperature control as well but just care about me, he wasn’t able to get any cooling air to flow from the air vents. He said it was really the refrigerant that needed to be filled in the undefined compressor. I didn’t think anything about that, however he said he would take care of it. After job both of us went to this auto parts store and he came back with this thing called undefined pro refrigerant and told myself and others to pop the hood of the car. He went in there and worked some kind of magic with that refrigerant that he got. It truthfully didn’t take all that long before he said it was superb to go. I was honestly skeptical and thought there was no way that our friend here just fixed the undefined in our car. When I started the motorcar and both of us started driving, both of us turned on the undefined and the air was ice-cold coming from the air vents! I thanked our friend and said I would pay him for the fix, however he said the rides to and from job were superb enough.

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