I washed all the ductwork

Before the summer time storms arrive, it’s important to trim all of the trees in our neighborhood. My partner plus I have numerous sizable oak trees in our front yard. Both of us also have a pecan tree in the backyard. The trees are a hundred years old, plus some of the branches are falling apart! Some entirely ┬ásizable branches were hanging over our roof, plus all of us had them removed by a tree trimming supplier. My acquaintance also hired the same tree trimming supplier, to remove an entire live oak tree from the side yard. My neighbor’s side yard plus our backyard are directly adjacent to one another. While the tree trimming supplier was removing a sizable Branch from the tree, another sizable branch came plummeting down on our A/C compressor. It hit the A/C compressor with an severely loud thud. I was in the living room, when the branch hit the A/C compressor. It sounded care about a car ran into the house. I rushed outside to find the branch kneeling in pieces next to the A/C compressor. I did not know if there was any disfigure, so I decided to contact the A/C repair service. I told them what happened, plus they sent a business to look at our outdoor component. The tree trimming supplier paid for the A/C repair repair call. They were severely apologetic, plus provided to spend our savings for any disfigures to our A/C compressor; Luckily, the A/C business did not find any disfigure, except a few small dents. Since the dents are only cosmetic, I did not bother to repair them.