I could use some help

My wife and I have a large property. We have 12 acres of wooded land, and another five acres of cleared land. Our two-story, five-bedroom house is located in the middle of the cleared land. My wife and I wanted to buy an outdoor shed to place on the property as well. My wife and I have hundreds of Christmas decorations, and we wanted to store them in a separate Place. Neither one of us wanted to Rifle through the attic every year. My wife and I chose a nice outdoor shed, with a small porch and four small windows. The outdoor shed even has a loft space. My wife and I decided to add climate control to the outdoor shed. With hundreds of Christmas decorations, we needed to control the indoor climate. A lot of items can damage or perish from the sun or heat. The HVAC company recommended using a ductless system for the shed. The ductless HVAC unit can heat and cool the space, while still providing plenty of ventilation. The ductless HVAC unit was easy to install, because it didn’t take any special duct work. The HVAC company cut a hole in the side of the shed, and placed the ductless HVAC unit there. We will be able to control the indoor climate, and make sure our decorations are safe and secure. The ductless HVAC unit also has a remote control, so we can easily change the temperature or settings.  We don’t even need to be in the room, in order to run the air conditioner or the heating functions.

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