When did it get so hot!

A few months back, my mom and dad had to have a local service tech perform an inspection on their Air Conditioner. The A/C had been encountering complications in cooling off their entire home effectively. My parents had been raising a stink about the unit for several months. I was over for dinner during May, and it was unusually warm outside, making my parents home was muggy and felt very uncomfortable! I asked my parents if the A/C was on, and they told me that they were still unable to fix the cooling complications they had. I only know a little bit about repairing an Air Conditioner, despite this fact, I was happy to go and grab my tablet and search for some answers online. I performed a few routine service tricks that I know od, but none of those things seemed to work! I told my Mom it was a smart idea to call the A/C serviceman the following morning. There was nothing I could do to solve their problem. In the morning, I arrived back to my parents house so I could be there when the A/C serviceman showed up. I wanted to be certain that my parents understood what was happening, and I also wanted to be sure that our parents had the problems with their A/C solved. It was getting close to Summer and I already suspected that the heat would be getting much worse. The Air Conditioner repairman was rather nice to my mom and dad, and was able to answer each and every question that they presented. I was impressed with the service and Hospitality shown by the A/C repairman that came out..

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