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My office is located in an extremely large office building. We are right on the outskirts of town, but the building is still more than six floors tall! There are exactly 200 offices in the building. There are at least 100 kinds of businesses represented in our offices, from realtors to investment brokers to corporation offices. Some time last week, the owner of the office building made the decision to make some renovations. In order to save money, he installed a brand new automated HVAC system. It took about three weeks to install the hardware. The new automated system is hooked up to separate sensors that are distributed throughout the building. There are about fifty sensors on each floor of the structure. These particular sensors transmit information to a central computer system, which controls the settings for the entire HVAC unit. The command center also controls the heat, air conditioning, humidity levels, and overall functionality. There are many different temperature settings for the building’s new system. In the daytime, our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning unit is set to a wake up mode. Each distinct mode has its own temperature and humidity setting. There is also a mode for night time, which shuts down the system all the way down, saving money, energy, and valuable resources. The new building automation system also operates the security in addition to the lighting settings in our office. I suppose it’s an interesting invention, because everything is completely automated. One issue though, relying on technology can lead to some other concerns. If the software for this immense building system needs updating, will we even be able to use our alarms, cooling system, or dehumidifier? Things could get fascinating in the event of an emergency.

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