Why my HVAC unit needs work

If you are the type of person who is regimented and never wants to vary from a plan,  world travel is probably not for you. Your expectations and the reality are seldom the same.  We learned this lesson well on our first trip to Europe. We are people who like to experience new and exciting places so we booked a trip to go backpacking through the English countryside.  We booked rooms at hostiles and small cottages along the way because we really didn’t want to spend the time finding campgrounds. It was going to be the heat of summer so we wanted to make sure that each place had some sort of cooling system.  We learned that one person’s opinion of a cooling system is very different from others. One stop we made said that they no longer offered air conditioning because they unit had broken and they never bothered to update the listing online. They offered us a rusty old fan to use for the night and we had no choice but to accept the offer.  The next day we made a phone call to the hostile which was our next stop. We wanted to make sure that they actually had the air conditioning that was advertised. It was a good thing we did because they only had ice box fans that they used for cooling the sleeping quarters. Our smartphones came in handy that day because we searched for an actual hotel in the same area.  After spending the night without much sleep we just wanted an air conditioned room with a clean, hot shower and comfortable beds.

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