I suddenly found the room was warmer

My boyfriend and I have been arguing for weeks over what type of heating and cooling both of us want in our new home. I tend to get absolutely chilly in the winters, which makes up most of our year it’s always cold. I would absolutely enjoy to install radiant radiant floors for a number of reasons, but first of all, I have heard wonderful things from my family and friends who currently have them installed. Radiant heating floors are silent and operate very efficiently. The two of us would save money on energy bills and both of us would regularly be comfortable while in the chilly months if we’re in different rooms. The sizzling air rises and there is really little repair required since no dust can get trapped in the unit being that it is in the floor and not like the others. However, my spouse has several reasons as to why he doesn’t like them. He does not want to go through the trouble of chopping up our floorboards just to substitute the heating. He said it would be more trouble than it’s worth, then on top of that, my spouse gets hot really very quickly and he feels that he does not need radiant floor heating. He wants to install an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit that gives us both heating and cooling. I don’t think that’s necessary given that our summers are extremely short lived. I know that we would both be way more than comfortable with relying on window units for cool air in the several sizzling months of the year, unfortunately for us, we are stubborn people. I am trying to compromise and meet in the middle with him, but I am really disappointed that I have to let go of the idea of radiant floors that I’ve always wanted. However, I have heard fine things about the ductless systems! At least both of us would be able to set different rooms to different temperature settings through our thermostat. That way, I could at least keep some rooms a little warmer and more comfortable for me and not have to argue with him.