That was so much fun!

My sibling is good at finding deals.  Well, they are deals to her, not to all the people.  I would rather order things online and have them show up at the door. She will scour the stores and even flea markets to find the best deal possible.  She also has an eye for the possibilities in something and enjoys making something ancient new again. Last year he took his hubby on “getaway” to an Upstate town that featured 1 of the  greatest flea markets in the country. I am sure that he did not see it as relaxing, especially when he purchased so much that they needed to rent a truck to bring it back home. One of his finds was an ancient wood burning oil furnace that he wanted to hook up in the detached garage.  It was in pretty rough shape but the saving grace was that the firebox and vents were in good shape. The design was ancient world and he knew it would look good once it was restored. It would take some elbow grease to get the rust and ancient enamel paint off the exterior but once it was done it would not only heat the garage but blend in perfectly with his hubbys workshop, however the other plus was that it wouldn’t add anything to their energy bills.  Having a heat source that didn’t cost anything, for the most part, to run was a definite plus, i periodically wish I had his talent for finding a deal or the patience it takes to shop for them. I would be farther ahead in life and have more cash in my savings account.

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