I was hoping they’d ask me

The people I was with and I had a genuinely poor wind storm a couple days ago.  The wind was blowing so hard that the windows were rattling. I could have sworn that someone was in our room, however it was just the shrubs outside our family room, scraping the outside of the house.  It was kind of eerie, however it was also kind of cool. By day, I could hear the wind whistle through the house, and our hubby knew that meant all of us had a problem. With all of the wind, our chimney cover had blown off, and the cover to our well had blown off.  It wasn’t just windy, however it was frigid. The temperature had dropped down to zero. He got up and he went down to the well room. With the well cap missing, it meant all of us had cold air blowing down into the well room. There was ice on all of the pipes. My hubby spent various minutes in the well room, with a section oil furnace and our blow dryer, trying to keep the pipes to the well pump from frigid.  Our hot water oil furnace and the gas furnace was running overtime, in an effort to keep up to the zero temperature and the pitfall twenty wind chill factor. The people I was with and I had windows to repair, a modern well cap to buy and all of us had to get a oil furnace for inside the well room. Until the temperatures went up, the oil furnace ha to run all of the time. It was the only way all of us could be sure our well didn’t freeze and that all of us didn’t have to upgrade the well pump and possibly our gas furnace since all of us had a boiler system.

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