A gust of cool air

I woke up on this day shivering plus I knew something was wrong. I usually am moderate plus cozy in my bed, but the air felt frigid, extremely frigid, then for a minute I was had a feeling that the window was cracked or outside air was getting in somehow. It didn’t make any sense to myself and others because my oil furnace was extremely brand new! When I got out of bed, I saw that the control unit read only fifty degrees! I usually have it set for seventy numerous degrees, so there was no reason why the room should be that cold when I have a new HVAC system! I had to get ready for work in the cold. I made an appointment with an HVAC serviceman so that they could repair the problem. It turns out that they made some kind of mistake in the replacement of my HVAC unit and not to mention that it was going to be one expensive repair! Apparently there was something wrong with the wiring in the way they set up the heating system and it turns out that it damaged the equipment. The HVAC serviceman informed myself and others that he needed to be paid up front for supplies plus that the service would take at least 3 days or more. I am furious that I have to pay for the mistakes of a so-called heating and cooling professional. Not to mention, I have to go without heat for 3 days in the middle of the winter! I am not satisfied at all. I am not going to pay the man just yet because I want to check with another HVAC corporation and get another opinion. I am not sure that I trust that they are doing the best work for the best price after my recent experience in them installing my HVAC system!

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