Our buddy is not keeping up

My sibling wanted to get his kid to crawl up into the attic and get his Christmas decorations.  She was a bit upset when I called her, because he had pulled the cord off the stairs, that pulled them down from the ceiling.  He had to climb a step ladder and manually pull the steps down. Once they were down, he got up into the attic. It was twenty degrees outside, although he said it was so warm up there that he was covered in sweat.  My sibling has an attic fan and he asked him why he didn’t turn it on. He said he didn’t turn on the fan for the same reason he didn’t turn on the light. He had not thought to turn on the fan or the light. He went on to explain that had he turned on the fan and the light, he wouldn’t have hit his knee on the fireplace and he wouldn’t be ready to pass out from the heat.  She suddenly turned on the switch and he was blinded because he was looking right at the naked light bulb. He could know the fan grazing the top of his head. He sat down suddenly, only to rest on the fake logs for the fake fireplace. He stepped on Santa and broke off his foot. I don’t believe who was laughing hard. My sibling was in stitches and his son’s husband thought he was going into labor, he was laughing so hard.  They fixed the fireplace and got all of the decorations up, that same evening.

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