Enjoying a cold beer

It seems that everyone these days is into the home brewing craze. My husband joined in on the hobby about four years ago and has pretty much perfected several types.  My favorite one that he makes is a fruity summer blend that is very low in hops If you aren’t familiar with craft brews you may not know much about the process, but it involves several hours of boiling water, steeping grains and then cooking the beer. This is definitely a process that is better to do on a cooler day, however, in order to ensure that we don’t run out of beer my husband pretty much does it year round. When it’s nice outside is great that he can do the entire process in the backyard, but in the middle of winter he needs to take over my kitchen to complete the process. On really hot summer days he used to attempt to make the beer inside as well but it took too much effort on the part of the HVAC system to try to keep up with the temperature in the house. I think you figured that the system could remove the humidity that was added to the air but it was almost impossible because of the constant boiling liquid. I finally told him that it was going to ruin the air conditioner if he continue to turn it down as far as it would go and try to make the beer at the same time. I told him that if he wanted to use a dehumidifier out in the shed he could do so but he was not allowed to touch the thermostat anymore. The cost of having the HVAC system repaired just because he wanted to make beer wasn’t worth it.

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