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I never realized how useful an HVAC service system can actually be – not until I had to learn the hard way first! When I first moved out of my parents’ house, I was a bright-eyed young adult, eager to claim my independence as well as find a house to make my home. As a result, my rush to be my own person resulted in picking a house that had a few more concerns than I knew how to deal with. Part of the concern was also lying in my lack of experience with household appliance repairs. I didn’t even guess who to call if I had concerns with my fridge! With the HVAC unit in my house, I was told there would be a six-week warranty to cover the equipment, but after that both of us would have to track down a service system from an HVAC service provider in the area. I figured that if anything bad would happen, it would be in the first 6 weeks! Well, as life tends to be, I didn’t see a single concern with my boiler, undefined, temperature control or ventilation system until I was in my fifth week. All of a sudden, the undefined system started having concerns keeping my house cool. Then, there was something blocking 1 of the ducts in the air duct, which caused space of my house to become stuffy while the other space smelled love a rotting pet. The best space of all this was that my temperature control was stuck in “cool” mode, so I never could use the boiler to sizzling up my house while I was in the winter, and frustrating doesn’t begin to describe how that was, but I’m blissful I have all of that unit covered under my HVAC service plan!

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