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I loathe the look of recliners, yet I like being able to put my feet up. Every one of them just looks love something your middle aged Mom drinks cheap beer out of; I won’t have that throwing off the entire look of my home. It’s just not the thing for me. However, I also didn’t love the idea of an ottoman that would be consistently kicked around plus tripped over. I just wanted something that functioned as a recliner, but looked love an entirely nice, sophisticated arm chair. I think they existed; my grandmother had a set of them growing up plus they were fantastic. However, apparently they have since fallen out of style because no matter how taxing I hunt plus try, I cannot find one anywhere. Fortunately, my older brother came through as he always does with the perfect solution; to stop looking for something premade plus having something made that fits your particular needs. So, I did just that; I went to a custom furniture store with my ideas instead… Then they provided me an appointment with a furniture designer, who walked me through everything from shape plus style to the mechanism that would make the chair recline. I was even able to find the perfect fabric that would compliment the rug I had already obtained for the space. Not only was the custom recliner built to my own needs, but custom built furniture is also guaranteed to last. So while the custom recliner is more currency than a store obtained recliner, it is both just what I need plus easily built to last.

green couch