Antique furniture

I am known by all of our friends as the slightly off kilter mom. Since my beach house has an eclectic southwest style, and my hubby and I have a recognizable  way of raising our youngsters to be free thinkers. See our children are rarely ever grounded, and both of us honestly believe they are better for it. Between our infant and daughter, plus the cat, two cats, and our wildlife rescues, I’ve had to be certainly mindful in how I decorate and furnish our beach home… I’m regularly taking care to note whether things are in the danger zone of being knocked over by the youngsters or our pets. Plus I’m trying to find materials that fit our style and our life! Neither of us wants anything in our beach house to be boring. However, nor do any of us want it to fall apart on us. Then fortunately, both of us found with custom built southwest furniture we get the right meeting of both worlds. Our designer is regularly glad by the new things both of us come up with. He is glad to find the exact type of textile or wood or even other natural material like recycle horns or reclaimed barn boards to make our dreams come true. Custom built furniture does cost a fantastic deal more than retail furniture, but that is because it is built to last. Then the furniture in our southwestern beach house does not come from a factory–it comes from our custom built furniture supplier who hails from 4 generations of furniture craftsmanship. This way, both of us never have to sacrifice our recognizable sense of style for fantastic furniture.