Maybe I just need a throw rug

My fiance was dubious from the start when I fell in love with this Paradise Valley manor… The place had been vacant for other several years–it was all the real estate supplier could do to keep people from ripping the copper pipes and wiring out of it. However but the manor had a sort of energy about it; the stunning vintage windows and exquisite details made this stadium a show stopper. Then i didn’t see the layers of dust or the cosmetic work, I saw a home that I knew I could live in for the rest of my life. It only took six months after all of us signed the mortgage, to have the manor ready to be lived in again. But shopping for the right furniture was the tricky part… Every one of us have a big family and our friends visit us often. So all of us wanted our furniture to both reflect the house, and be comfortable and durable. All of our friends have boys, and none of us wanted to have to worry about anything being broken. That’s why my fiance commissioned all of the furniture for our Paradise Valley manor to be made by a custom furniture contractor. To create the perfect custom built furniture for homes of all shapes and sizes, these folks have been honing their craft for decades. The designers understood perfectly what all of us needed to make our Paradise Valley manor a home. My fiance and I were able to select the exact styles that suit us, from textiles to woods and even the exact staining of the wood.

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