My wife’s preferences

When my girlfriend and I finally had our book room perfectly suited, all of us knew something was missing! It took us over a month of puzzling until all of us realized that what the room lacked was a chair. However, it couldn’t just any aged chair; it needed to be both stately and classical, yet comfortable and inviting. However every one of us didn’t want something that was so stiff it felt uncomfortable, and nor did all of us want something so large and plush you would guess it would devour you should you sit in it for too long. Plus many weird types of upholstery were also out, as all of us have a dog and a cat; we needed something that would not attract pet hair like a magnet… After months of going to weird stores, having to be explained the up-to-date trends, all of us finally ended up back in our neighborhood at the custom made furniture store. Every one of us weren’t sure how all of us were going to afford it, but my girlfriend and I were determined to have this chair all of us had made up in our heads. It seemed like just a fantasy until all of us described it to one of the custom furniture designers, then this man knew exactly what all of us wanted! He sketched it out as if he had picked it right out of our heads. Plus from there all of us were able option out the weird leathers by touch, rather than just seeing digital samples on his tablet. From wood staining to leg type and event he hardware, my girlfriend and I were genuinely able to make the perfect studying chair.