What is going on with that?

I used to be a live in caregiver and she decided to take a trip to see her children up north. We packed up normal clothing, it wasn’t supposed to be cold when we get there. There was nothing in the forecast for snow, cold, rain, or anything but sunny skies. The day we left I was wearing shorts and a shirt because we lived in the south. We had no heavy jackets or anything like that because you don’t need them in the south. We arrived in a couple of days to find out that there was a big snow ready to hit and we had to go to the store to purchase warm clothes. It had been years since I had needed a heavy coat. We then arrived at her son’s home and got settled. I chose to sleep downstairs in the basement because the furnace was on full blast along with every fireplace in the house being lit. Her son had a really nice big HVAC system for his home and he made sure to have a signed contract with the local HVAC company to keep things maintained and serviced. It was a good thing he had everything prepared because when the snow fell it fell so much that we got snowed in and if he had not prepared we might have all been in trouble. I was not used to being somewhere where there was not a running A/C. When the house got too hot from the heat coming out of the HVAC unit I opened the sliding glass door by where I slept and allowed the cold natural A/C hit my face.

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