It’s been quite cold in here

It’s been quite cold in the basement over the past few months. I combated it with extra layers of clothing to make sure that I stayed warm despite the cold temperatures. When my wife finally decided to join me down here she was continuously complaining about how cold it was. She finally asked why don’t you have the oil heater down here. I asked her “we have an oil heater?”.  to which she replied yes of course we do. We went upstairs and grab the oil heater to bring it down. Within 20 minutes the oil heater was completely warming up this freezing cold basement that I never realized was actually an issue. Or at least it became an issue when my wife was forced to deal with the temperatures. It was either this or oil heater or perhaps a small space heater that I had tucked away at some point last year, but I know the oil heater is far safer and more energy efficient.

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