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My spouse and I recently built a new home. We chose to build the house out of concrete instead of wood. My spouse and I researched our options, and we found that concrete houses offered many more benefits than wood homes. This is especially true for people like us who live in areas plagued by hurricanes and tornadoes. A sturdy building is necessary during weather catastrophes, so we decided we’d be far safer in a concrete home. Also, we would be more insulated in a concrete home from the harsh weather in our region which suffers from tepid summers and freezing winters. The dense, concrete walls paired with the high-tech insulation material installed in our homes ensured that we would stay cozy in the winter and refreshed in the summer,  before even considering the heating and cooling system. Actually, when we installed our HVAC system, the reputable, proficient business we hired mentioned that because of our concrete walls we would need a much smaller heating and cooling plan. Essentially, if we had built the same size house out of wood, the house would require a larger HVAC system. I was enthusiastic to hear that we had made the right decision in building our house from concrete. Of course, we still use our HVAC system, but it is pleasant to walk into our house even with the heating and cooling system off because the concrete walls make the indoors a few degrees warmer or cooler than outside.

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