I enjoyed that a lot

I confess that I take climate control more seriously than the average person. Whether I’m shopping, watching a movie at the theater, or eating at restaurant, I judge the quality of the location off the  thermostat settings and the HVAC system’s effectiveness. These are the greatest determinants of whether a venue is worthy of my business.

I refuse to settle for a grocery store with excellent bargains but minimal heat in the winter or ineffective cooling in the summer. I always value the location’s temperature over the store’s deals. Do you really suppose I am going to shiver through the entirety of an otherwise enjoyable movie in a freezing movie theater? Nope. I’d walk straight out of the theater. I’d much rather wait until the movie premiers on a $1 DVD and watch in my warm home. Even more importantly, how do you expect me to enjoy even the tastiest of meals in a sweltering hot or freezing cold restaurant? By now, you probably get the point. Maybe you even suspect that I have a top-grade HVAC system installed in my own home. It’s true! I spare no expenses when it comes to ensuring my house is constantly at the perfect temperature, no matter the weather or the season. While everyone has their own priorities, I for one, prioritize comfort in my own home.

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