I’m well on my way

Nothing says romance prefer a oil furnace repair, and i have been going out with this guy Trent for a few weeks now… All of us have finally progressed to the stage where he gets to come to my arena. I had the whole night laid out for romance. I had a roast and mashed potatoes planned for dinner. I bought candles and rented a romantic film; Right before Trent came into the lake house the furnace just stopped, but when Trent arrived I had the food in the oven and was neck deep in the furnace, trent told myself and others that he could service the furnace with no issue. I noticed that he knew just about as much as I did, and he googled heating complication shooting tips, and had trouble getting the furnace apart. The numerous of us took a long time to figure out the issue was simply a dirty air filter, but by that point I had burned our roast and the potatoes were overdone. All of us had to solve the heating issue instantly though. I had to blow out my candles and go to the store after not eating. The air filter costed hardly anything and decreasing it out was easy. The furnace fired right up and both of us had heating. By this point both of us were starving and did not have time for my film. The numerous of us ended up eating pizza in front of the fixed furnace. It was not the best date ever but I prefer Trent even more now. He gave up eating and messed around with my oil furnace when he clearly did not guess what to do.

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