Quality over quantity

When my fiancé and I were looking for our house, we walked through many properties. We could not decide between us what we should get, and we each had our own opinions. I wanted an old house complete with character and original woodwork. I was willing to do some work on the house. I believe that the craftsmanship of older homes can’t be matched. They just last and last if taken care of properly. They don’t make them like that anymore… The only thing with an older home, however, is that often they need renovations in the kitchens and bathrooms. My fiancé had no interest in original character and hated the idea of a renovation. He wanted to be able to move right in. In the end, move in ready was above our price range, so I ended up getting more of what I wanted. What both of us did agree on is that we needed a newer roof and HVAC. We were able to get those two items in the house we chose. After moving in, though, we soon found that HVAC system didn’t work so well, even though it was newer. We were very disappointed to find that out. We had an HVAC specialist come out and evaluate the existing furnace and vents. He said that the system was in fact new, but the older windows in the home were allowing a lot of the warm air to escape. In the future, we will have to invest in new windows so that our HVAC can heat our house more efficiently. Right now we’re dealing with higher utility bills than we would really like. The good thing about the situation is that we don’t actually need to replace the HVAC system. We saved some money there, at least.

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