I had to wait for the next repair

When I was younger, I had a job at a fast food restaurant.  For ten years, I spent many nights in that store. I was General Manager and it was my job to make sure everything was ship shape at night.  I had to do the inventory and get the payroll around. I was just on my way out of the restaurant one night, when I heard an odd noise. I knew I couldn’t leave if there was a problem.  I tracked down where the sound was coming from and I found out I had a leak in our hot water system. I called the plumber, but I also called the HVAC company. I was afraid that all of the water was going to put out the pilot light on  our furnace. No sooner had the plumber showed up, but our HVAC technician was also there. I had both men down in the basement going over the furnace and the hot water heater. They had only been there for half an hour and the plumber had his water leak fixed.   The HVAc technician came up and told me I had made a wise choice in calling him. There was a problem with the furnace, and it had nothing to do with the water leak. Had I not called him when I did, we would have come in to no heat and the entire place would have been frozen.  The temperature was going down to 10 degrees that night. I waited in the store for another hour, while he made the repair to the furnace.

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