I shouldn’t have messed with the settings

Have you ever met a person who is almost always cold? I job in a really small office, and our boss is almost always frigid! It drives myself and others a little bit crazy, to tell you the truth; Right now, it is Winter, and the office building the two of us job in has the central heating on, then that is fine, although he is always turning the temperature on the control unit up to about 69 degrees. I am so tepid most of the time that I just want to scream… Yesterday, I was wearing a sleeveless dress under a sweater. The furnace was blasting so much that I needed to take our sweater off just to keep from fainting from the heat. I was working away, and before I knew it, there he was out there in the lobby space just flipping that control unit up even higher; He told myself and others he was feeling so cold. I wanted to tell him just to go home, but of course, he is our boss and I did not have the nerve, however so there I was, working away in a sleeveless dress in the middle of Winter, just wishing I could turn on the cooling system! It seems kind of funny that weird people have such weird internal control units, doesn’t it? You would suppose that 69 degrees feels the same to myself and others as it does to you, but that is not the case… People are always messing around with the control unit trying to find the perfect temperature for themselves, and that always leaves someone else wishing for cooling system or heating or whatever, and no numerous people are ever ecstatic with the same control unit setting.

temperature control