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When my fiancé, Martin,  and I were looking for a house, we walked through a bunch properties.  Martin and I could not decide what to buy, because we each had our own opinions. I preferred an older house with character and original woodwork. I was willing to put in some work on the house. I know that the craftsmanship of older homes can’t be compared. They are durable if taken care of properly. They don’t build houses like  that anymore. One of the problems with an older home, however, is that they typically need renovations in the kitchens plus bathrooms. Martin had no interest in character and hated the idea of a renovation. He hoped to be able to move right in. In the end, a newer home above our price range, so I ended up getting what I wanted!  Martin and I agreed that we needed to find a place with a newer roof as well as the HVAC. Martin and I were able to find those features in the house we chose. After moving in, however, we discovered that Heating and A/C system operate all that well, even though it was fairly new. Martin and I were truly disappointed to realize this issue. We hired an HVAC specialist to evaluate the existing furnace, air conditioner and vents. The technician said that the system was in quite new, but the older windows in the home were allowing a lot of the heated/cooled air to escape. To improve comfort, we would need to invest in new windows so that the Heating and A/C can maintain temperature  more efficiently! Right now we’re paying higher energy bills than we would entirely like. The good thing about the problem is that we aren’t required to upgrade the Heating, and A/C system. Martin and I saved some money on that project, at least.

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