Getting the update done

When I woke up on the weekend, I was surprised that all the kids were in the bed with my fiance and I, and it was absolutely cold inside the arena so it was no wonder everybody was crammed in the bed, so they could be warm! I ran over to the thermostat to see what was going on, but when I peered at the screen it was absolutely blank. I thought it couldn’t be broken… so I thought maybe I just needed to change out the batteries. I grabbed some AAs from the junk drawer and substituted the batteries. When those batteries were changed out, that’s when the power to the thermostat came back. I instantly cranked the heat back on and the home slowly warmed up again to the desired temperature. It was still early in the day so I made all the kids go back to their rooms when it was nice and overheated again. I was worried earlier that I was going to have to call the Heating and A/C company to come out and cover a important service to our furnace, although I was cheerful it was just the batteries that died in the thermostat! Just care about anybody else, I’m not a big fan of having to spend my money for extravagant service calls, especially in the Winter months. This is the reason why I consistently am proactive and get my important heating method tune-up before the Winter arrives! I’ve truthfully never experienced any gas furnace malfunctions up-to-date, and I don’t guess this thermostat thing with the batteries counts as a malfunction to the furnace!

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