A sauna room

There aren’t many luxuries that I allow myself, but there are a few things that I genuinely need in order to function like a regular human being would. First of all, I really need to have excellent indoor air temperature control because I am always cold. It takes literally no effort for my body to be covered head to toe in goosebumps, just a rogue draft or small breeze of air will ignite my skin in a flourish of brilliant chills. Because of this personal quirk I am obsessed with having control over immediate temperatures that surrounds my body – so I’m pretty interested in our HVAC system and smart thermostat. Secondly, I have another quirk that requires me to either enroll in a gym membership year round, or to get creative within my own home if I want to save some money. I really need to spend time in warm, highly humid environments for a certain amount of time each week. If I don’t properly humidify myself, my nostrils will revolt against me and refuse to operate properly for weeks on end. As such, I have to seek out saunas on a regular basis to keep my respiratory system working A-Ok. Before, I used to pay for a monthly gym subscription just to dip in and abuse their sauna room. To be honest, I never loved being around all those sticky naked people. That’s why I create my own sauna at home these days. I simply close the bathroom door, run the shower on the hottest temperature possible, and bring in a space heater to add a little extra heat. Soon it’s hot and steamy, and within an hour or two my sinuses are feeling amazing.

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