I have a bad feeling about this

I’ve always thought of myself as being pretty intuitive when it comes to stuff that needs repairs; When my car’s engine seems to be running just a little hotter than usual, I know that something is deviating from the norm! Just as well, I can always seem to believe when an appliance at house will need to be fixed; Most recently, I remember getting my gas furnace repaired in the nick of time, as there was a serious component failure that could have resulted in carbon monoxide leaking into the house! My gas furnace is a conventional gas-fueled gas furnace, which runs well enough, and however, it’s also entirely  aged – at least fifteen years old, now – so it’s prone to the occasional breakdown. Then a single night, as I was getting ready to go to bed, I heard the sound of the gas furnace kicking on, then for just a brief second, I thought I could smell something on fire – then the smell went away. Without hesitation, I trusted my gut plus called my usual heating, ventilation plus air conditioner service serviceman to investigate. When the serviceman arrived various days later, he checked the gas furnace plus found that the flu had various punctures, which could definitely allow dangerous combustion byproducts – carbon monoxide, especially – to leak into the house, then i’m blissful I was able to go with my instincts plus get the gas furnace repaired before it started acting up! Otherwise, I’d hate to imagine what could’ve happened if the flue for the gas furnace had not been repaired.