The health of my home

I am slowly starting to think that it is time to get my parents a brand new a/c unit! The other day I came over for our weekly dinner together, and as soon as I walked into the house I felt like I walked into a swamp. I asked my parents why they didn’t have the air conditioning running on such a warm summer night, and to my surprise they said that it actually was running! It was just running so poorly that you could barely feel any of the cool air at all. My parents are in their seventies, and they are getting to the age where I am worried that things such as this can be dangerous to their health. I have a close friend of mine who’s elderly father had a heat stroke because his house was so hot. His dad was similar to my parents, he refused to run his a/c at a high level because he wanted to save money on the monthly energy bills. I will not let that happen to my parents, no matter how stubborn they are about it. The a/c unit that I am thinking about getting them is so easy to use that even a baby could do it. The simplicity of the a/c unit mixed together with its effectiveness and energy efficiency, I won’t have to stress out about my parents anymore. Another perk of upgrading their a/c unit is that i won’t have to eat dinner with them and sweat through my shirt the entire time!.

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