The cool air is escaping

When my wife, Hannah and I were looking for our house, we looked at quite a few  properties. She and I could not decide between the various homes, because we each had our own ideas of what was best. I had my mind set on an older house with character and original floors. I was willing to do some remodeling on the house. I believe that the craftsmanship of older homes can’t be measured. They just are worth more and provide so many unique features.   Contractors don’t make them like that anymore. The downside of an older home, however, is that they need a great deal of updates in the kitchens and bathrooms. Hannah was not interested in original character and hated the thought of major tear down. She hoped to be able to move straight in. In the end, the house Hannah wanted was above our price range, so we ended up buying the older home. Hannah and I agreed that a newer roof and decent Heating and A/C system were important. Fortunately, we  were able to find those features in the house we ultimately purchased. After moving in, we soon discovered that Heating and A/C equipment wasn’t working up to our expectations. Hannah and I were truly disappointed to find that out. We arranged for an HVAC contractor to come out and evaluate the gas furnace, air conditioner and duct system. He told us that the heating and cooling equipment was in fact new, but the older windows in the home were causing a lot of the hot or cool air to escape. In the future, we would need  replace the windows so that our Heating and air conditioning could run more efficiently. We didn’t want to keep paying higher utility bills for insufficient comfort. The best thing about the whole situation was that the Heating and A/C system was in good shape.

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