Working on the appliances

When my girlfriend, Janet and  I were looking for a house, we looked at  several different properties. We had some trouble decided because we each had strong opinions.  I was looking for an older home because of the priceless character, higher ceilings, and woodwork. I was willing to do spend some time and money on renovations for  the house. I believe that the craftsmanship of older homes can’t be measured. There’s just so many cool features and the structure is durable. Some problems with an older home, however, include the need for updates to the kitchen and bathroom appliances and fixtures.  Janet was not interested in character or woodwork and hated the idea of a renovation. Janet just wanted to be able to move in with no work. In the end, the updated homes were beyond our price range. I was happy to get the house that I wanted. What Janet and I did agree on is that we needed a newer roof as well as an HVAC system in good shape. Janet and I were able to get the items in the home we purchased.  After moving in, Janet and I soon found that the HVAC system struggled to keep up with demand. Janet and I were super annoyed to find that out. We hired an HVAC contractor to come out and diagnose the existing gas furnace, cooling equipment and vents. He said that the system was fairly new, but the ancient windows in the house were allowing a the heated or cooled air to leak out. In the future, we needed to invest in Energy Star windows so that the HVAC system can heat and cool the house  more energy efficiently. We didn’t want to continue to pay such high energy bills. The good thing about the whole issue is that we figured out that didn’t need to replace the HVAC system. That saved Janet and I some money.