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It’s a real challenge to settle on a single heating method this week, it isn’t prefer it was back in the early 20th century, when there was absolutely only three options, then back then, you could choose to have a gas furnace in your basement that operates on fuel prefer gas or wood; Another choice of the time was the use of a cast-iron radiator, which would circulate boiling-hot water through pipes and emit heat as a byproduct. Finally, technophobes of the time period could choose to go without these “modern” oil furnaces, and stick with their tried and true fireplace. I can see why someone would choose a fireplace over these other oil furnaces, as there is no increase in energy consumption by lighting a wood log fire in the fireplace, but this week, those same possibilities still exist, however with many improvements! One can now buy an electric gas furnace, which uses electricity to power a heat generating system. Additionally, radiators have evolved into a method that hides in plain sight, and can be implemented in a home using heated flooring, ceiling panels and more! As for those who prefer the old-fashioned fireplace approach to heating their homes, one can use what’s known as a “ventless” fireplace, and utilizes a gas-lit flame to supply warmth. One should still have the air conditioner method set to circulate air, or at least leave a window cracked – otherwise, there’s a crucial risk for filling the home with dangerous gases! With so many possibilities this week, it’s strenuous to settle on a single heating method for our home!

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