A summer pool party

Last summer my pals and I went to this huge pool party that a friend of ours threw for close friends and family. Everything seemed to be going good and all great. It was a pretty hot day and the weather was clear and sunny. All the settings for a warm summer day. Not to mention, there were a lot of hot looking girls there too. And with all of us being single guys, you can imagine that our minds were wandering! However, things started to go wrong when we all heard this huge bang sound. Almost like a bomb going off. It seemed as if our friend’s heating and cooling system unit had blown! The heating and cooling unit was literally steaming with smoke! That didn’t let the party stop though. You see, my friend is a heating and cooling specialist that works for the local HVAC company here in town that deals in everyone’s heating and cooling needs. So there was no need to call emergency HVAC service or anything, because the emergency HVAC service was our friend, and he was right there! Our friend went and grabbed his tools out of the shed and got right to work on that broken down heating and cooling system. It turned out that the motor to the thing had literally fried out. So, lucky for my pal, he had spare HVAC parts around, including a motor. He got that heating and cooling system motor replaced and back up and running within 30 minutes. All was then we’ll and we went on as if nothing had happened.

HVAC equipment